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Our tapes are designed to be effective and include a wide variety of solutions, improving the results when replacing the traditional materials for bonding, fixing or closing in the different manufacturing processes.

We consider ourselves to be our customers’ collaborators and thus we are able to put the benefits of our technical experience at their disposal.

All the products we supply are made under strict quality procedures and fulfill rigorously the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.

Therefore we can assure that they support a constant level of quality and service for our customers.


Our range includes a complete line of masking products, demonstrating high performing adhesion to a variety of surfaces, excellent temperature and chemical resistance, and clean removal after use.

Polyester tape with rubber resin adhesive(170ºC)
  • Paper tapes: They are pressure sensitive adhesive semi crepe paper backed, single-sided with a rubber or silicone adhesive system designed to operate in high temperature applications.

  • Polyester tape single coated with a rubber resin pressure sensitive adhesive for masking of circuit boards during solder stripping and nickel/gold plating of contact fingers.

  • Protects large areas of circuit boards from chemicals fumes or splashes.
    Non-silicone adhesive, removes cleanly.
    Eliminates silicone contamination and need for PCB cleaning solvents.
    Thermal resistance: 170ºC.

  • Polyester tape single coated with a silicone adhesive:

  • Powder coating masking.
    Temperature resistance up to 200ºC.

  • Polyimide-Kapton tape: These tapes have big abrasion resistance added to high temperature resistance(up to 260ºC)

  • Aluminium foil laminated to glass cloth with a layer of high performance silicone adhesive.

  • Applications: plasma spray, HVOF, electric arc spray and cold spray processes (up to 180ºC continuously)

  • Teflon tapes(PTFE).

  • They have a very big mechanical resistance and a very low friction coefficient.
    Very high thermal resistance(-60ºC, 260ºC).
    We supply pure PTFE adhesive tape and PTFE laminated with fiberglass.

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