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Our tapes are designed to be effective and include a wide variety of solutions, improving the results when replacing the traditional materials for bonding, fixing or closing in the different manufacturing processes.

We consider ourselves to be our customers’ collaborators and thus we are able to put the benefits of our technical experience at their disposal.

All the products we supply are made under strict quality procedures and fulfill rigorously the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.

Therefore we can assure that they support a constant level of quality and service for our customers.


  • Polypropylene adhesive tape reinforced with fiberglass.

  • Metalized polyester tapes.

  • Masking paper tapes(different temperatures up to 200ºC).

  • Adhesive thick sandblasting paper tape.
    Protection and masking during sandblasting on stone, marble, granite, glass and metals.(Total thickness: 0,36mm)

  • Powder Coating masking paper tape.Resistant up to 200ºC.
    Excellent adhesion to different substrates.
    No residues after removal.

  • Butyl adhesive tapes: Ideal for waterproofing applications.
    They can be laminated with metals, PVC, films, cloths and a big variety of materials.

  • Polyurethane tapes:
    Thermoplastic polyurethane(PU) film, single coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive.
    It is an ideal solution for the erosion protection of wind turbine blades and has been successfully used on similar applications such as aircraft leading edges, propellers and helicopter rotors.

    Adhesive tapes certified for medical use and healthcare(skin friendly).

    Adhesive tapes for lens polishing and smoothing.
    After grinding, the lens must be carefully polished in order to give it a perfect transparent finish.
    Polishing/Smoothing is conducted with polishing pads. The double sided tape´s function is to mount the pad onto its support.

  • Nylon tapes for shoe and leather industry.

  • Polyimide cloth tapes.

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